What is a Spiralizer and What are the Benefits of Spiralizing?

The spiralizer might sound like something from a child’s playroom, but this culinary gadget has quickly become a must have in kitchens all around the world. Put simply, the spiralizer is a tool that allows users to turn vegetables into noodles. With a razor sharp blade mechanism, the spiralizer allows you to feed any kind of vegetable through a rotary blade system that leaves your vegetables sliced up into long thin noodle shapes.

So how exactly does it work? The mechanism is simple. Take your vegetable or fruit of choice (long, solid veggies like carrots or courgettes work particularly well) and stick it to the holding disc. Then, using nothing more than gentle pressure, turn the handle and gently slide the vegetable through the spiralizing blades. What you are left with is perfectly formed vegetable noodles ready for instant use! It really is that simple - there’s no chopping or preparation involved. Choose your veg and away you go!

While that’s all well and good, some of you may be wondering why you would bother using a spiralizer? At the end of the day, all you are left with is the same veg you started out with, albeit in noodle form. That, however, is the key difference. While spiralized veg may look incredibly pretty, the real benefit here is what you can do with these vegetable noodles!

Carbohydrates have their place in most people’s daily diet, and that in itself is not an issue. The problem, however, is that many people’s daily diet is incredibly carb heavy. Potatoes, breads, pastas and rice all contribute heavily in most people’s diet, leaving an imbalance between what we need and what we are actually consuming. This can be particularly troublesome for parents looking to manage their children’s carb intake. Faced with the choice of a carb free meal, many children will flat out refuse to eat a plate full of vegetables.

The spiralizer removes this problem. Vegetables disguised as pasta or noodles are not only delicious, but they affect how we view our food. Most of us are conditioned to seek out the various elements of food on our plates, and will notice the absence of carbs. With spiralized vegetables, you can combat this by providing a healthy alternative that not only tastes great, but is a wonderful way of re-balancing your diet. Redressing this balance is one of the biggest challenges facing many households around the world, and while the spiralizer isn’t a silver bullet, it’s a simple, affordable solution to a daily problem. Start spiralizing today, and you’ll quickly never want to be without it!

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